Sandi’s Tribute

12/12/2021 – Two years in remission. Its been a whirlwind of a year but I am still alive happy and living.
This year I wanted to celebrate a very special person as part of my anniversary.

For those of you who don’t know, Sandi was a ray of sunshine you’ve never seen before.
We met on the Eden Day Unit at Wexham Park Hospital whilst we were receiving treatment.
Sandi was such a good friend, I would smile the biggest smile whenever I saw her. Obviously we didn’t meet in the best of circumstances but she made such an impact.
Sandi had already been on this journey before, and not just once. Sandi had already beaten cancer throughout her glorious life however this time, when I met her, the disease was winning. Sandi put up one hell of a fucking fight but unfortunately passed away on Tuesday 17th March 2020 with her two daughters by her side. Sandi wanted to spend one last Christmas with her family which she got to do before she fell asleep for the last time.
Her sister Lynne was so lovely as well, she would often accompany Sandi during her treatment. They both liked their sweets and would share them with me.
Sandi and I would try to sit next to each other or as close as we could get. One day I asked the nurses if they could reserve two chairs so we could spend our session together.
I only got to hear a snippet of Sandi’s life story as she did so much with her life. I thought to myself whilst receiving my own treatment, if this incredible woman who is fighting so valiantly and with so much grace can achieve so much in life, then why can’t I. Sandi gave me the confidence and determination to battle through the last round of my chemotherapy.

If I could spend one day with three people no longer walking this earth I would choose Grandad Jerry, Lewis and Sandi. Just one day out of however many I have to laugh, cry and share memories with. I miss you all so so much. I am not spiritual or religious but I do believe everything on this world is connected. How could it not be when we’ve been existing for millions of years? I feel that connection with all three of you and treasure it when I am at my lowest.

Sandi. I’m sorry its taken so long, I wanted to do this ages ago. Thank you so so much for your friendship. You made such a difference and I know I was so lucky to have met you.

Until we meet again.

One thought on “Sandi’s Tribute

  1. Such a lovley post. Sandi was truly an insperation to us all. She just breathed positivity, love and happiness. We all need to take a leaf from her book. No one will ever know just how much you went through. But credit to you, you put up a great fight. We are so lucky to have you in our lives.
    All my love dad xxx


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