Whilst I was admitted to hospital I had a cute little notice board and used this to leave notes or quotes to cheer me up. Sometimes my family members would complete this task. It was part of a morning routine I had in hospital.

I love Lilo and Stitch and I love this quote
Food was a struggle of its own in hospital
Spending quality time with Dad. He wrote this one.
Mum wrote this one… I still don’t understand it. But that’s just Mum
*Update* I was today years old when Jodi explained this to me, mind blown!
Dad and I watched the grand national on my small TV in my room. Between us we did well with our bets.
I was having a good day
I felt bad my sister Laura had to come to hospital on her birthday. But I tried to put a silver lining on it.
Jodi wrote this one. I also have this as a plaque in my bedroom.
Another one of my favourites
This was a bad day. It happened towards the end of my stay at hospital. Bad days can happen at any point. Just ride them out.

The next few are of me in hospital, theres a few that are a bit ugly, just warning you guys.

I had to have quite a few transfusions. These included units of blood and blood products such as platelets.
My reaction to the dressings, found out I was allergic to certain dressings. The next picture is a bit gruesome.
My skin had blistered and caused an infection around my PICC line. So everything had to be removed.
My best friend and rock by my side. Made everything 10 times better.
These were my mid morning tablets. I had taken 2-3 tablets in the early morning. Then some around mid afternoon and my evening tablets.
Jodi and Laura bought some things to brighten up my room
This balloon lasted a surprisingly long time
Dinner time
Scott using my hospital room as his private office
My fav chair
My team at the start of the nuts challenge…
… versus at the end!
Shannon, nico, dad and laura
Jodi and jack
And hannah
Me now, in 2022, in the all clear