1 month in Remission

So I have finished treatment just over a month now. I’ve had my first follow up appointment at the hospital with my consultant Dr Philpott. She was really pleased with the blood tests I had taken a few days previously.
Getting back to normality was slightly more difficult than anticipated. I knew it would be difficult but what has made it more difficult is that physically I look fine. I have people say to me that they would never have guessed I had Leukaemia. But like I said before it’s only just been over a month. Inside mentally it will take a while for me to get back into the swing of things. Also I have a new outlook on life, I have a new attitude towards work. This experience has changed me.

I went through a lot. A lot of everything. People have been through loads of shit but personally this journey has made me feel loads of emotions in a short space of time which doesn’t help psychologically or physically. I was so exhausted from the treatment, obviously, but also the amount and intensity of emotions I felt.

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